Average Respiratory Therapist Salary and Respiratory Therapist Tasks

As a respiratory therapist, your job is to help people who have issues with their respiratory system. Your patients would be people who have asthma, bronchitis, etc. You may also have to deal with treating babies who have underdeveloped lungs.

Respiratory Therapist Tasks

You are going to be in charge of setting up and operating equipment like aerosol generators, mechanical ventilators, etc. You will also be providing patients with emergency care like CPR, artificial respiration, etc. You will need to assess a patient and see what treatment has to be done, what are the requirements for the treatment, what methods will need to be followed, whether therapy would be needed and how long would this be implemented, what medications should be taken and the dosage required, etc. After treatment, you also need to monitor the patient and see if the treatment is effective or not.

Look At The Job Market

Before deciding what career to take, you need to consider two very important things first. This would be the respiratory therapist salary that you can expect and the job opportunities available. Some schools provide employment assistance. If your school does this, then finding a job won’t be hard for you.

But if your school does not help you out in this regard, then you would have to find a job on your own. It would be easier for you to find a job in big cities. There are more people there and so there would be more businesses and more job opportunities. Of course, there would also be more competitors for job openings. Youíll need to be able to do well on your interviews and have a good transcript to be able to compete with other applicants.

Respiratory Therapist Salary

Respiratory therapist income is very competitive because the demand is high. The respiratory therapist pay that you get will be able to give you a stable and comfortable income. The average pay is $30 per hour. That will amount to around $55,000 per year. Respiratory therapists whose earnings are on the low side get around $40,000 per year and those whose earnings are on the high side get around $74,000 a year.

Respiratory therapist salary will vary depending on what type of employer you have. Professional schools pay their therapists generously with an average of $66,000 per year. But since the rate is high, the competition is also very hard. Government agencies and offices also pay a lot with an average of $63,000 per year. If you work in the office of another practitioner, pay will be $60,000 on average per year. If you work in an commercial or industrial company, pay will be $59,000 on average per year.

Hospitals have the most job opportunities for you but they also offer the lowest respiratory income. The average would just be around $58,000 per year. Specialty hospitals pay an average of $57,000 per year. The working conditions and demands of each industry would also vary. The highest paying industries are actually the ones with less work demands.