Tips for DIY Marketing

Marketing is a very important step all across your business timeline. Whether you’re still starting to launch your product out there or when you’re already a stable company planning to launch a new line of products or services, marketing is crucial in these situations. This is why marketing companies are very expensive in their services and they can be time-consuming for a business. It takes weeks of preparations and may involve special procedures that are just inconvenient for others. Aside from relying on these marketing companies, you can also do a bit of your own marketing. You won’t be able to reach out to the same number of people as a marketing agency, but you’ll still do your part – and every little bit helps. Here’s what you can do for your own DIY marketing.

Be Newsworthy

As you start to market your business, you’ll eventually meet people who work in the media. Even if they’re just a journalist, a photographer, or a part-time writer, it makes sense to develop your relationship with these people. They could cover your stories for you or they could pass it on to their own media contacts.

Another thing that you can do is to make yourself interesting enough to be on the news. After all, a journalist’s job is to report the news. There can be a number of ways in going about this. You can start host charitable events, or be a sponsor in outreach events. This will generate a lot of media attention, and you’ll be at the background, soaking up the entire spotlight.

In addition to generating hype, community outreach can also give you opportunities to create new relationships with people that may be interested in your company or events. Lastly, you’ll also increase your public status as people associate your business with goodwill and positive things about your product.

Use Social Media

This is definitely one popular way of connecting with consumers and other businesses. A lot of people are connected to a social media or two and spend a lot of their time on it. Building your own social network profile is free, and it will allow you to communicate with customers or simply keep them updated about your business’ upcoming products or improvements.

Taking advantage of a social media site is good when you’re still a new business; just remember to create your own website once you’ve already taken off and comfortable enough. This will show your business’ financial stability. However even if you have your own business site, always maintain your profiles on social media sites, this will still allow you to connect with customers and might even show a “human side” to your business.

Create Your Own Identity

Before you get any marketing agency involved, you should have a good idea about the identity you want your company to portray across all products (present and future). This will help establish your own identity and make you easier to remember for consumers and non-consumers out there. Even when you’re already creating your own social network profile, your identity must be reflected across all these outlets.

When we’re talking about identity, we don’t mean a tag line or a specific design type for your company. This should be something like key statements regarding your business’ values or mission. Again, this will show that your company is stable and is thinking about the future. This will appeal to everyone and set you apart from those small-time companies that live by copying off the company giants.

Join Organizations

Joining a professional organization is still one effective way to reach out to potential customers and other similar-minded companies. Even if it’s a virtual group like in forums, it’s still good investment of your time. What you should aim for is to give feedback or advice about topics related to your market. If you do this regularly and correctly, other organizations will learn to respect you and might even view you as a leader in your specific industry.

Aside from marketing your business, an organization (whether physical or virtual) is also a good place to develop new ideas. You could talk about people who understand your market and can give you realistic feedback for any plans you might have. Even if you’re already a big organization, you should still take time to reach out to these organizations since they are closely-knit and can easily help you with your marketing without the expensive costs.

Promote Yourself – Lightly

You should take extra care when you choose to promote your own business yourself. A lot of people are easily turned off when people only talk about their own business and nothing else. Sure, you’ll reach out to more people out there, but it might not have positive results. Instead, you can go about it in a roundabout way. For example, you can show customer testimonials when you are talking to potential clients. You can also encourage past clients to recommend you to their friends or people they know. Once they successfully refer a client to you, you can give them incentives to ensure that they will also come back and do business again with you.

It’s also a good idea to take advantage of cloud services for your business marketing. What you can do is create a folder about your portfolio, your products and services, and maybe even some high resolution digital photos. You can then attach them to your email signature, so that interested individuals in your mailing list can easily see these files without having to unnecessarily download them. It might seem like little effort, but email recipients will appreciate you not filling a small email with heavy pictures or files about your business.

Organize the Little Things

For small business, people will start to notice you by the little things that represent your company first. One example is through your business card. A common business card just doesn’t cut it in these competitive times anymore. You need to stay ahead of the competition and think of creative ways that will make your business card stand out and make potential clients remember you easily.

Another way is through your own business blog. It might start small first, but if it’s organized and well thought of, people will enjoy visiting your blog and reading articles there about your business or about your charitable endeavors. If a potential customer visits your site and they see that it hasn’t been updated in years or if the last post is dated a couple of months ago, they’ll immediately assume that your business has closed down. Keep these things organized and you’ll appeal to people and you’ll market your own business easily.

Sooner or later, you’ll eventually need the services of a marketing agency to reach out to new market or maintain your customer base. In some businesses they even have a separate department that is in charge of marketing their own brand. While you’re still starting, you can follow the aforementioned tips for a DIY approach to marketing your own business.

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Basic DIY Skills Men Should Know

Doing a do-it-yourself project can help you save a lot on money, and it doesn’t hurt to build your confidence as well. A single DIY project can save you as much as 60%, no matter how simple it may seem. With that in mind, you might ask yourself “Why don’t people do this a lot?” This is because one common misconception about DIYs is that from start to finish, you’re on your own. If you make a mistake or if you make the damage worse, you’ll have to call the professionals which will cost you a lot. After all, the word “yourself” is already in the acronym, so it makes sense that you’re alone.

However it doesn’t have to be so, there are a lot of sources which you can use. There are sources of information online, step-by-step videos, and even some training in store workshops. All you need is the right mindset and the proper tools, and then you can be on your way. Here are some DIY skills that men should have since they’re easy and they can be commonly used.

Creating a Program Code

Having the correct program for your work will save you time and can even make you more efficient. During work (on the computer), you always think about how a process can be done easily, or if there was something to save our time. You don’t always have to wait for the IT department to get up out of their comfy chairs and make a program specifically for you. You can easily build the code yourself. Since it’s just a basic skill level, you can’t aim for making the next social media site, but you can easily make simple and specific programs that will streamline your work.

Your sources for these information is on the internet, and there are some computer schools that have night classes for basic programming. If your time is limited, you can even take online courses for it. Though you start writing a simple program, a Chrome extensions, or your own website first, you’ll eventually get the hang of it and you can then start creating bigger and longer codes.

Tinkering with Electronics

If you’re into gadgets or creating new (and cool) electronics, then a working idea about electronics and soldering is needed. Before you go on and lament about how electronics seem like hieroglyphics to you and how soldering leaves you with burnt fingers, there are a lot of sources about this project. There are free how-to books you can download and print off the internet, and video guides on the internet. Even with a basic skill level about electronics, you can already create something like an ambient light setup for your home and create electronics that can make your living easier and more comfortable.


For this part, stereotypes hinder men from learning how to properly sew. However this DIY skill is one of the basic skills that almost everyone needs. If you’re living on your own or you are a bachelor, then there’s good reason for you to learn this skill. Whether it’s sewing back a button or modifying the size of a shirt, a working knowledge in sewing can be handy a lot of times. Contrary to popular belief it’s easy to learn, you just need to thread a needle first, the rest follows after that.

Car Maintenance and Repair

For car maintenance, you’d be surprised at what you can do and how your basic maintenance can prolong the life of your car. In fact, by simply reading the car’s manual you’ll learn a lot about what to do during cold weather or basic maintenance which your car needs. You don’t need to learn all the parts in a car, you simply need to know which ones are involved in maintenance and which ones you need to monitor when your car acts funny.

Regarding car repairs, there are also basic things which you can do on your end. With a basic level, you should check also the basic or fundamental parts first. That’s where problems are most likely to occur and if you can properly diagnose the problem then fixing it will also be easy. For car repairs, you should have it patched up by yourself first before you bring it to a car shop or professional. You never know when it could worsen and you’ll be stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Basic Home Repairs

In an emergency and with small repairs, it should be relatively easy and you shouldn’t rely on expensive professionals all the time. The minor problem may be patching a crack on the wall, replacing a faucet, or even cleaning your heating system. It’s just something small and you don’t need to immediately pay someone to do it. These repairs are not that hard to do by yourself and the money you save will be well worth it.

Cooking Nutritious Meals

We had to specify nutritious meals, since eating cereal and instant noodles all day doesn’t count as nutritious food. You don’t need to be a fancy chef or be able to create new dishes; however you should be able to make food that tastes good. There are even ways to save money, but still produce food which tastes good. All you need is a working knowledge on how to use knives without losing a finger and how to operate a stove properly without losing your eyebrows.

Build a Computer from the Ground Up

Building custom computer sets can be fun and will also save you a lot of money. Instead of buying a high-end computer from a well-known manufacturer and suffer their customer service, you can build your own computer and control what you’ll put in. Since you are customizing it, you can make sure that the specifications are to your liking and will suit your needs. Whether you’ll be using it for photo and video editing, for hardcore gaming, or simply for browsing then you’ll know what to put in.

Another reason why building a computer works to your advantage is when a computer breaks down, you’ll have a working idea about what goes on inside a computer. You’ll be confident in your skills before you even take it apart. So instead of buying a new computer when something goes wrong, you can just take it apart and fix it without spending a lot.

First Aid

This still classifies as a DIY skill, and one which everyone should at least know. After all, survival is one of the most important priorities on the list. You never know when you need it, but being prepared will save your life or the people around you. It’s recommended that you even have an emergency kit in your house that will help you get through at least 3 or 4 days.

Just because you are not good with your hands or you don’t specialize in a certain skill doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t attempt a DIY project. There are basic DIY skills for men that will help them maintain their properties, make work (and life) easier, all while saving money.

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