Dealing with Bad News

The bad news hits your raw nerve like a truck speeding at great velocity. It impinges on your life to such extent you stagger. It could be anything, from rejection of any kind to a sudden onset of illness. All in all, you are on the receiving end and you have find a way to deal with the bad news somehow.

Share, Connect, Seek Support

Feel welcome to wallow in your pain of disappointment with the received news on your rejected job application for the first time. Wallowing and self pity is fine and take as much time as you need to get it out of your system. We are all human beings here, and if you need to vent and punch a pillow or cry endlessly for hours, do so. Release the pain through the most unproductive ways if you want with two exceptions if you will.

One word of warning, though. If the pent-up anger is what you normally feel when the world acts against your expectations, its immediate release will only serve to exacerbate your feelings to such an extent that the f(ire) will fester for many days to come. It is a given gleaned from scientific sources. Avoid muting the pain with anything that comes your way ie. alcohol, drugs, and other people. When we act angry we tend to take it out on other people who are just innocent bystanders, even if what they do might serve only to irritate us further. Save them the pain and refrain from releasing the steam by abusing people or substances.

A man would probably tend to cut off from the world and sleep on the issue or work it out. Share your secret with the greatest buddy of yours if you two have been there before.

Take Action to Deal with Bad News

Take it like a man, but do not clam up or accept your fate passively. After you have slept on it, strive to find an answer, as much as it might seem impossible at present. Above all do not despair unless you are dealing with someone else’s death or the doctor’s death warrant. Leave no stone unturned if you must and gather all the facts. There is ALWAYS a solution, as much as you might be unsure to admit it right away, although it may take you some time to get there.

The pain of making it through will cease with time and is unfortunately part of our lives, whether we like it or not. If you have few close confidants, share your worries in online communities where your particulat situation should be received with care and empathy. Accept support pouring in from other people, including strangers, if you wish.

Count on Your Inner Resources

Even when the whole world turns its back on you, do not give up or yield to depression. Someone has to go on paying your bills after all. Although we all have limited resources and our capacity to endure pain is greatly limited, you can make it safely to the shore. The more you do and behave rationally against all odds, the more effectively it takes your worries off your mind. Let the storm rage on, but you take the course towards calmer seas. The pain may not abate as soon as you want it, but life will come knocking on your door. Let it in.