How to be Successful in the Entertainment Industry

If you’re trying to get in the entertainment business and make it a career, you know that it is very difficult. There are also hundreds or thousands of other people aspiring to break in the same way as you. With the thousands of other people auditioning, it can be difficult to stand out from the rest, ensuring you get the role you’re auditioning for. A lot of people have it easy, using family connections or if their parents or friends recommend them personally. They’ll get more favorable responses, and that’s that. If you have to try it the hard way, don’t fret. Here are some things that you can do to be successful in the entertainment industry.

Be a “People” Person

To be an entertainer, you have to “sell” your skills in auditions. This is almost too similar to sales persons trying to get you to buy that toaster. In this case, you’re trying to get the message across that you’re fit for the job, you have the right skills, and you’re willing to go the extra mile for it. For you to convey that message, you need to make a connection to the casting crew long enough.

To get their attention, you need to have a very good first impression. You need to be professional – after all, that’s what they’re looking for. Even if the role is for a villain, or a minor role, they still expect a professional to fill in that part. You need to be properly dressed, show up on time, and be a social person.

This is what will set you apart from the rest of the other applicants: how professional you are and how well you can connect with other people. It’s one of the reasons why actors are chosen to play the roles they play, because they are able to connect with the audience.

Focus Your Talent

During the first few months or even years when you’re still trying to find that major breakthrough, you’ll be able to find lots of minor roles out there. This is a good opportunity for you to explore different styles until you find something which you enjoy doing and something which you think fits your abilities well. Polishing your skills in a specific field will help you become a well-defined entertainer in that field. For example, if you think that drama scenes or street performing is a good way for you to hone your skills and you’re naturally good at it, then you can invest your time doing that.

One reason why this works is because there are no definite criteria in acting or entertaining. A lot of people try to measure it, but then people always differ regarding it. As mentioned, you can take advantage in the abstractness of this art and polish your own skills instead. Once you stand out naturally, you’ll be able to land good roles and then you can explore different genres from there.

Strict Dedication

This is more important than the acting school you go to, or the talent agency you are part of. Dedication means spending lots of time and effort developing your craft. You have to mail a lot of submissions and resumes every week, while reading about updates in acting, and even watching other performers so you will get a good idea about what they do to develop their own skills or their specific style.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that being an entertainer is just a hobby, they’re not serious so they don’t need to spend a lot of time on it. If they make it big then well and good, but if not, then they easily give up on their dreams of being in the entertainment business. Keep in mind that even if it’s just a hobby for you, you still need to spend time to be able to keep up and to find joy in it.

Performance Tests

Once you build up a good amount of skill and confidence, you can then start performing with the intentions of getting feedback. Feedback or input from others is a very important aspect in developing your skills as an entertainer. First of all, you need to know what other people think about your skills since you’ll be performing in front of other people all the time. Even if you think that you’re already one of the best entertainers out there, if the audience just isn’t into you, then it will not work.

You can take advantage of reality shows or even small competitions for getting input from professionals or just the audience. This is why you shouldn’t be easily disheartened when people don’t like your performance or if they say something which may seem hurtful. Take it with a grain of salt and then learn from it. If you’re really serious, then you should be constantly improving your talents.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

While you’re out there looking for roles and other opportunities, you still need to support yourself. You should be realistic in this part and think that a day job means you’ve already failed. There is a good chance that you’ll have to maintain your job while pursuing your goals as an entertainer.

Working a day job will also be useful for you when you find out that entertainment just doesn’t work for you. You’ll have a back-up plan and also extra funds when the time comes when you need it. If your heart is really set on it, you can even offer your services for free or find jobs that are closely related to your entertaining career. This will help nurture your skills while you earn money.

Get a Life

One of the unique aspects about acting or entertaining is that performers show the people different aspects or emotions about life. For you to be able to do that, you should also have a good understanding about what life is about. To do this, you should experience a lot of things in your free time. You can join various clubs (not just acting), volunteer for charity work, or even join a local sports league. You’ll meet new people, experience a lot of things, and learn from experienced people. When the time comes for you to showcase your talents, these factors will help you as you take on various roles and different challenges.

Lastly, being active outside the entertainment industry is also a very good way to gain publicity. Even if you land the small roles or a small gig, it helps if people recognize you for something else as well. This will increase people’s curiosity in you and can help snowball your popularity.

To sum it up, the quickest path on how you can be successful in the entertainment industry is to develop your own self first. You gain experiences, develop your skills, and also strengthen your resolve to survive the reality of entertainment out there.