Life Improvement Kit

Go for a walk now. See the beauty in every grass blade that you go past and look up to admire utter perfection. See the reflection of yourself in the stream and see the perfection. The beauty is already there inside of you. See that to make sure you know where to return to see that beauty inside of you shining through right there. The funny thing is you do not have to leave any place to search for meaning as it is already there. Perhaps you are not leading the life you thought would be perfect for you or the life you think you deserve, but in so many cases, life is less than perfect and goes according to anyone’s plans. That is, it might for many, but less so for anyone else. You cannot control anyone or anybody’s attitude to you and your life, but one thing you can do is to control yourself and your own attitude. The beauty is there, waiting for you to be finally reclaimed, but perhaps you were wearing blinds that prevented you from seeing that for yourself. Perhaps you have been carrying too much of a burden lately and that too had a bearing on what you came to expect from life.

Quit with Expectations

Why should you expect God know what from life? Can’t you just stop and see what is already there? Are you in some God forbidden war zone or passing by one from afar? How is that inexorably unfanthomable to you that whilst you waste away your time doubting yourself thousands are fighting for their lives while you can enjoy having a smoke and the smell of the evening right there coupled with a lovely breeze and the sun’s inviting you over to finally come to your senses and nourishing them to boot? What is making you so inherently sceptical about the nature’s power to heal? Is it because you want to acquire more and more, seek more carnal pleasures, seek the greener grass in too many places? The beauty is there in people’s faces, in their expectations to join in with you in appreciating life’s colors, but perhaps that dawns on you way too late to do anything about your attitude and remove those greyish tones that blotch your relations with other people. So instead of rejoicing you prefer to remain stuck in your childish ways, instead of seeking that childlike attitude that you once had but one that is gone and perished for good. You do not know how to bring back the sunshine into the life you are living, so perhaps why not take a hike outdoors along the river and further down? Be mindful of your surroundings, take in the whole of the view as if that was the last day of your life, see what you have failed to admire so many times, be mindful of yourself and your very existence. You are a gift.