Reasons Why Entertainment is Important

We face a lot of hardships, frustrations, and disappointments every single day. With this blazingly fast pace, taking time out for yourself seems impossible or not as important compared to deadlines or projects. Add to that the fact that technology has made it easier for us to connect or keep in touch with other people within our own home, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a shut-in.

After work, you simply plug in your headphones, and then head over home so that you can simply browse the net or watch TV. You won’t find the need to go out so you might skip out on physical contact or socializing totally. If you need to check-up on a friend, you can simply call them or send them a message. You can even have a video call if you’re up to it. This replaces a lot of social interactions for many people out there. However, man is still a social being whether he’s comfortable with it or not. To further motivate you, here are some of the reasons why you should go outside and socialize once in a while.

Mix Things Up

During workdays, your schedule will more or less be the same. Wake up, eat breakfast (optional), head off to work, come home, and then spend the rest of the day surfing the internet or watching TV. It sounds like a real bore – and it is. Frequent activities like these make your life mundane and can lead to a build-up of stress. It will spill over from your personal life to your work, eventually adversely affecting your career or relationships.

Taking a break and going out for just a few rounds of beer or a change in scenery has also been shown that it can improve a lot of factors from your happiness to your self-esteem. Lastly, you don’t always have to subject yourself to the stressors in your house. When you come home, you’re met with trash that needs to be taken out, dirty laundry and dishes, and maybe even an irritated significant other. You’ll still have to face them so you can take a quick break for now.

Use Rush Hour

Instead of getting yourself stuck in traffic for a few hours, getting yourself a headache in the process, then coming home grumpy, ready to bash anyone in your way, why not use that time to your advantage? You can find a bar close to your workplace then spend a few hours after work just relaxing there, having a few beers (you’ll still be driving of course), and then head home once the roads clear up.

If drinking isn’t your thing, then you can simply substitute a bar with a restaurant. You might meet new people there, while enjoying the good food. If needed, you can even put in after hours work in a relaxing environment. This is using your time wisely. Instead of wasting your hours in traffic, you can instead use it for a more positive approach.

This time, you might even get to discover new drinks you have never heard of before. The idea of spending almost $10 for an exotic drink that could end up disgusting might not sound well for you, but this is a good time to try things out. After work, many bars will have happy hour. Drink prices will be reduced, and you can try without worrying about the cost. You can even go around the bar asking people what drinks they recommend. It’s also a great way to strike up a conversation.

Unwind Your Stress

When you’ve had a stressful day and when you come home directly, it’s very easy to vent your anger on the nearest living thing you see. Even though you’re not really angry at that person, it’s easy to lose control since you were angry before even coming home and your fuse is relatively short. Sleeping on the couch might be a common thing for you by now.

However if you entertain yourself or keep yourself busy before coming home then you can come home more relaxed. Dinners will be pleasant, and your conversations with the people around you will be brighter. There won’t be any nitpicking or sudden flaring of tempers. This is all just because you chose to have fun for a few minutes or hours before coming home.

Develop Friendships

If you become a regular at a place (a bar or restaurant) of your choosing, you’ll eventually become close with the people working there and even the other patrons as well. You won’t have to go out of your way and go to bars or other unknown places just to meet people. You could do it at your watering hole. Since they also like that place, you can just meet up there after work or during weekends. Keeping yourself entertained with your friends will help keep your outlook positive and you’ll have healthy relationships as well.

If you’re looking for an intimate relationships, then meeting someone in the club or bar is also a very good venue for that. People who go there are also looking for the same thing. You don’t have to do anything extra special or fancy. It’s one of the rare occasions when women let their guard down and when men can be confident (thanks to alcohol).

Improve Work Relationships

During working hours, the only time you are able to talk is when you or your colleagues need something from each other. Whether it’s a work-related email or a project for a deadline, your conversations will be limited to work and that’s it. You won’t know about your co-worker’s personal life, their unique talents, or the funny side about them. Likewise, they won’t be able to know yours as well.

By frequently hanging out and just having fun together, you’ll get to know each other more, and your work relationship will improve overall. It will be easier to work with them, or trust them with important tasks and responsibilities. It might seem like you’re just having fun or getting wasted together, but going out with co-workers also has its perks both in your personal and professional life.

Of course, it’s still better to have fun and entertain yourself using your hobbies. It could be something like train model building, online gaming, or simply reading a book. After all, it’s what you are comfortable with and this is what relaxes you the most. If you force yourself to socialize just because you think you need the social connection, it will create more stress for you. Don’t forget that one of the main reasons why entertainment is important for you is to relax and unwind. If you can’t do that, then you should not adapt other people’s style; rather you can modify your own one. For example, you can do your hobbies on the weekday and go out with your friends at the weekend. It’s about finding the right balance in your social life, to ensure that you stay healthy in different aspects.