Vegetarianism and Veganism

Some people believe that becoming a vegetarian is an impossible achievement. If you love your steak, bacon and fried chicken then you would really feel that way. Don’t lose hope right away though. But becoming a vegetarian or even a vegan is not an impossible task. You should just try it to see.

Now you might be wondering about the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. It might sound like they are the same thing, but they are not. There is an important distinction and you should learn more about that if you want to try this lifestyle.

Difference Veganism and Vegetarianism

There is a difference between a vegan and vegetarian. First of all, a vegan does not eat any meat, milk or eggs. They are very strict about that. On the other hand, a vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat in any form but would have no problems about drinking milk or products made from milk such as cheese or butter. Do you see the difference? That might seem like a pretty small distinction but it is an important distinction.

Reasons for Going Vegan

The difference between veganism and vegetarianism lies in the reasons why people pursue those two lifestyles. People who go vegan are usually concerned about animal rights and the ethical or more humane way of treatment of animals. For them the consumption of animals as food is something that can never be accepted in any way. Even milk which is derived from animals without killing them is seen by animal rights activists as a way of maltreatment of animals.

The belief of vegans does not stop at the food that they eat. They will refrain from using products that were made from animal. Fur and leather items for example are the most common examples.

Reasons for Going Vegetarian

Many of the world’s vegetarians follow that lifestyle because of religious belief. They base their belief in something that was written from the scriptures. Some Hindu sects for example would only recommend eating food that was offered to their gods and animal food does not belong to the things that can be offered. It is as simple as that.

Vegetarians would be happy to drink milk. They only refrain from eating food that caused harm to an animal in obtaining. Then there are those who go vegetarian as a means of attaining good health. They believe that eating food that came from animals can be very unhealthy and can cause a lot of disease.

What You Should Know

If you are thinking of going either vegan or vegetarian, then you should just go ahead and do so. It is more than just stopping from eating meat. It is also discovering all kinds of new and amazing dishes that does not require animal components. If you know how to cook then you are at a great advantage already because you could start creating your own dishes. There are many restaurants and establishments now that are catering to both vegans and vegetarians.