Where did the Myths of Vampires Originate From

There are hundreds of myths that surround vampirism, and some of them are actually connected back to real life events that happened. Although there are no true immortal vampires roaming the earth, there are people that need large amounts of blood in order to survive. In this particular article, I am going to reveal to you many things about the myths and facts behind the vampire lore.

Accepted Myths about Vampires and Their Origin

Vampires have been immortalized in both the minds of writers and on films for many years. They have become a very popular type of supernatural being. In most instances, it is believed that vampires are creatures of the night. They are portrayed as though they will burn to ash if they are touched by sunlight. In more modern myths on vampires, it is also thought that UV lights will also have the same effect. In most lore about vampires, other than sunlight, vampires can only be killed by a wooden stake to the heart or decapitation.

In more recent times, this myth has been altered just slightly. In more recent vampire lore, it is said that they can also be killed by silver and holy water, and garlic will ward them away. The older myths can be traced back to Romania, but it is some of the newer myths that are up in the air as to where they came from.

Historical True Cases of Where Vampire Lore Came From

There are a few different historical cases of real life people that were thought to be vampires. One of the most famous was Count Vlad Dracul. He is where the myth of Dracula was originated. He lived in Romania and he was said to have been a blood thirsty man. He gained the reputation of being a vampire, because it was believed that when he killed his enemies in battle, he would drink their blood in order to make him stronger. He was also known to decapitate his enemies and place their heads on pikes around his castle.

Although Vlad is the most popular of the originations of vampire myths, he was not the only one. There was a Countess that was also considered to be a vampire. She was an extremely harsh woman. It was said that one day in a fit of rage, she slapped one of her servants across the face causing the womanís blood to spew up on the Countessís skin. At first, she was outraged, but as she began to wipe away the blood from her skin, she noticed that her skin seemed to be more beautiful in the spots where the blood had once been. It was from that time that she was said to have young women brought and drained of blood in her bath where she would bathe in their blood in an attempt to make her skin and body younger.

Final Thoughts on Vampires Fact or Fiction

Although there is no proof that true vampires actually exist, there are a lot of different truths behind the myth of vampires. All you have to do is research, and you will find that there are stories of vampirism dating back through history from numerous cultures. Remember, a vampire is defined as a being who lives and survives off of the blood of others. Therefore, even though the immortal vampire is fiction, the truth is there are people in the world who have to live and survive off of other peopleís blood. Therefore in the sense of definitions, they are in fact a kind of vampire.